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I got you covered

I’ve been staring at the same iPhone case for over two years. I bought my plain blue case when I got my phone in February 2010. It fits a iPhone 3G and although I’d love to upgrade phones, I don’t have the money to do so.

I’d buy a new case but because the 3G is older there really isn’t any new/cool cases being made. Kate Spade isn’t catering to my broke ass.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took my old case, grabbed some glitter and glue from my craft box and got to work.

It’s pretty simple, lay down your newspaper and start using your white glue (mixed with a bit of water to make a decoupage-like paste). Using the sponge brush I put a layer of glue down on the case and then covered it with glitter. I then let it dry and put some more glue and glitter down to fill up any holes.

After that layer dried a bit I put a top layer of glue on to set the glitter and then I left it overnight to dry.

The end product looked nice, a little disco ball-esque, but a nice change.

Unfortunately, soon after I took this photo I ripped the glitter and glue mixture off.

Even though I set it with glue, the glitter was flaking off and getting in my hair as I talked on the phone. On my hands as I texted. On any surface I put my phone on.

The edges also felt a little tacky, as if the glue hadn’t completely dried even though it was left for 12 hours. You can also see that there are a few empty spots.

I’m happy that the glitter ripped right off, so my case is back to it’s regular blue state and thereby saving me the task of having to buy a new one.

Looking back, I’m actually kind of happy that the case didn’t work out. I’m not sure the glitterball is necessarily something that goes with my “look” and I would grow tired of it fairly soon.

But I am still looking of a cool way to dress up my iPhone. Suggestions? I’ll also accept donations for my new iPhone fund, hopefully I’ll have enough when the iPhone 5 (is rumoured to) drops in the fall.*



*by contributing to the iPhone fund you can guarantee that the photos on this site will improve as well

One comment on “I got you covered

  1. chic971
    August 26, 2012

    Cover it up with nail polish so the glitter doesent fall off or get into your hair next time :)

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